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Newcastle Bricklayers design functional and decorative retaining walls that create any look you want to achieve. We have decades of experience in building all types of brick and block retaining walls.

We offer personalised service in constructing retaining walls for domestic and commercial properties in Newcastle. Our team of experts are available to sit with you and discuss the best choice of retaining wall that suits your environment and taste.

We use the best materials for aesthetic designs and great functionality. You can rest assured that you will get a well-designed and properly built retaining wall that can withstand the test of time.

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Bricklayers Newcastle

When we begin your brick retaining wall project, we’ll begin by surveying your site, determining what design and style is required. During our design process we consider the soil type, the weight that is expected to be applied to the wall, and the location of the wall. Newcastle Bricklayers will providing you with a free quote regardless of the project size. We’re also capable of rebuilding and repairing existing brick or block retaining walls.

We provide professional services to both residential and commercial properties and work with a variety of durable, high-quality materials that make sure your retaining wall will be the perfect flush fit you need it to be. Our aim is not only to be one of the most affordable bricklayers in Newcastle but to provide quality products that are going to satisfy your requirements as well as meeting all the necessary building standards.

The type of bricks we use for our retaining wall projects include:

The types of retaining wall we design include:

At Newcastle Bricklayers, we work with you to design and engineer a functional retaining wall that comes out exactly the way you imagined it and stays safe and beautiful for many years.

When it comes to selecting the perfect brick, we have many options to choose from, each with their own colour options and design aesthetics to give you the perfect match for your landscape or flower bed. If you prefer a specialty finish, we can render or bag your brickwork for a textured aesthetic.

Ready to find out more about our affordable retaining wall service in Newcastle? Our bricklaying experts are available to consult with you so contact our team today!